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Custom synthesis ranging
from grams to gallons

We have access to facilities that allow us to do proof-of-concept and development with as
little as a few grams of material all the way up to a 500 gallon pilot plant

Compounding and
formulation science

We have several extruders at our disposal including small scale benchtop laboratory
extruders such as Daca and Haake mini twin screw systems. We also have a process 11
for intermediate scale and access to several floor standing extrusion systems

Thermomechanical property

With a wide variety of techniques including rheology, DMA, instron, and charpy
available we can test the mechanical and thermomechanical properties of a material.
Combined with top-quality analytical capacity we can provide exceptional insight into
structure-property relationships.

Small scale polymer processing

With access to laboratory injection molders, film lines, and filamenting systems, to
name a few, we can create prototypes to put into the hand of potential clients using your materials

Microscopic analysis including electron
microscopy and x-ray techniques

Available services include access to an excellent microscopy facility, capable of advanced
microscopic analysis of materials. High-quality light, fluorescence, and
electron microscopy are all available.

Access to a robust
professional network

The owners have developed an extensive network of individuals that can help solve
challenges that you might encounter. While we can’t do everything, we hope that for most
polymer related challenges we can put you into contact with the right people to
further your goals.

Business strategy development

With our experience in the polymers world, especially in relation to frontier materials, we
can help strategize business decisions that fit the material and the market.

Professional writing services

All three owners have experience writing grants and can assist start-ups and other entities
with writing of targeted, well-received proposals for polymer-derived SBIR’s or other programs.

Polymer Consulting

Our Mission

To provide our client with technical development, formulation expertise, quality control methods and testing, and pilot scale production.

Polymer Consulting

Who we are

Founded by three polymer scientists in Ames, IA with over 50 years’ expertise, we help clients ranging from young startups to Fortune 500 companies solve their polymer materials challenges.

Our Consultants

Michael Forrester

CoFounder and Lead Scientist

Eric Cochran

CoFounder and Technical Advisor

Nacu Hernandez

CoFounder and Technical Advisor

Need help with your plastics, polymer, and additive
testing, development, or scale up?

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Michael Forrester

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